Open data: the unlikely hero of the energy revolution? Free workshop.

Open data: the unlikely hero of the energy revolution?

Book here: Free workshop event – 29th November 10-12:30pm

Join Bioregional, Oxford Brookes University, Cherwell District Council and Future Cities Catapult to hear about new methods of mapping local energy data that could help empower communities and ignite the energy revolution.

Making homes more energy efficient is key to meeting our climate change commitments, as well as tackling the scourge of fuel poverty in the UK. But a dearth of adequate, up-to-date information about which homes could benefit most from particular energy efficiency retrofit measures is hindering progress. The event will explore how open data can be used to develop and deliver energy efficiency/fuel poverty schemes, and how to best engage with householders.

Talks include:

  • Lessons from LEMUR: Matt Wood, Senior Project Manager at Bioregional) and Rajat Gupta, Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Climate Change at Oxford Brookes University, will share lessons from LEMUR (Local Energy Mapping for Urban Retrofit), an Innovate UK-funded project using data to help solve the challenge of improving energy efficiency in urban areas.
  • Engaging Bicester: Sam Thomas, Carbon and Energy Officer, Cherwell District Council: Lessons in community engagement for energy projects from Bicester town, the pilot area for the LEMUR project.
  • Smart meter data: Nick Lomax, Business Development Manager, Energy Saving Trust will talk about how customers can share and make best use of their data and what applications there might be for it.
Why join us? 
Whether you’re working for a local authority, a housing association or community group, or interested in developing more sustainable homes more generally, do join us to:
  • Discuss the potential for exploiting publically available data to better plan energy efficiency and fuel poverty projects
  • Find out how community groups can support local energy efficiency programmes, including engaging householders on energy efficiency
  • Explore how we can fund and deliver energy projects in the current policy climate
  • Review shared problems and solutions with your peers