Bicester Moves

Bicester Moves

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Background and brief:

Bicester Moves is an innovative project to facilitate re-use in the growth town of Bicester. It is the first re-use project that focused specifically on home moving by aiming to get households goods moving through a circular rather than a linear path of use, bringing resource efficiency, social and economic benefits to the locals of Bicester.

The vision: to reach a point where anybody moving home:

  • is aware of how to donate, exchange or sell their unwanted household goods
  • knows options will be quick, easy and more convenient as going to ‘the tip’ or throwing them away
  • is motivated to use local re-use/repair/upcycle services
  • is supported if they need to be
  • knows where they can buy good quality second hand household goods


Charity/retail sector involvement
We collected service information from the following shops in Bicester to provide useful and comprehensive information to residents.

  • Charity shops
  • Secondhand/antique shops
  • Repair shops

Communications and promotion

Development of various communication plans and materials in order to deliver Bicester Moves’ re-use messages and event information to suit residents’ needs. Including:

  • The Bicester re-use map (“Bicester Second hand and Repair Map”); 4,000 copies of distributed through the re-use shops, public spaces, and events. In order to reach movers, we contacted developers, real estate agencies, mortgage advisors and moving companies in Bicester.
  • The Bicester Moves bin hanger distributed to 12,000 properties, providing residents with a link to the website. As a result, the website is now visited by almost 497 each month.
  • The Bicester Moves website has become an online distribution channel for the map and point of contact for events, workshops and enquiries about second hand outlets.
  • Press releases were sent out for the project launch as well as each event and workshop, resulting in 19+ articles in local media.
  • Posters and flyers were developed for each event and workshop. They were distributed through re-use shops, public spaces, and social media.

Community engagement
A wide range of re-use activities were provided .

  • Bicester Big Lunch, re-use market stall
  • Car boot sales
  • Furniture Markets
  • Street-wide Yard Sale
  • Silent Auction
  • Free workshops, including
    • How to trade on eBay and Facebook
    • Furniture Shabby Chic
    • Furniture restoration
    • Mosaic


  • All 12,300 households in Bicester reached  via the Bicester Moves Bin Hanger
  • Interacted with 4900 households via the Bicester Moves map & Bicester Moves website as well as social media.
    •  4,000 copies of the Bicester Moves map were distributed
    • 497/month visited the Bicester Moves website since the project launch
    • 250 enquiries (145 phone calls and 105 emails) excluding face-to-face.
    • On peak days reached over 800 people via Facebook
  • Directly engaged with 1000 households through re-use events and workshops.
  • Measured the actual impact of Bicester Moves through the following KPIs:
    • Half of the charity shops who participated in our survey said their donations increased,
    • Bicester Green received over 4,000 kg of furniture, a 51% increase compared  and 800 kg of electrical goods a 18% increase.
  • Number/type of items collected:
    • 323 pieces of furniture + 174 electrical goods + 60 textile goods
    • Weight/type of items collected: 6,,011 kg of furniture + 1,096 kg electrical goods + 32 kg of textile goods
  • Number/type of items re-used/repaired:
    • 271 pieces of furniture + 100 electrical goods + 40 textile goods
    • Weight/type of items re-used/repaired: 4,155 kg of furniture + 825 kg of electrical goods + 20 kg of textile
  • Total income from sales and services
    • £5,170 for furniture
    • £1,507 for electrical goods
    • £2,466 for bicycles
  • 2 jobs were created, Bicester Moves project officer and communications intern.
    • 10 volunteer positions created
    • 12 training positions created

Project funder:
WRAP – Waste Resources Action Programme  (match funding was provided by Bicester Green)

Project partners:

  • Bicester Green – Centre for Sustainability, Skills and Second Hand Stuff
  • Cherwell District Council
  • Environmental Information Exchange / Oxford Brookes University
  • Grassroots Bicester
  • Oxfordshire Community Action Group

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