Green Deal Pioneer Places

Green Deal Pioneer Places

“Trialing the new Green Deal offer for homes and businesses”


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Background & Brief

Cherwell District Council and Bioregional won major capital and programme funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to help kick-start the roll-out of the national ‘Green Deal’ programme. This funding is called Green Deal Pioneers Places programme.

For more information on Bicester Green Deal programme please see the following links:

What is the Bicester Green Deal

Bicester Green Deal the story so far

100 households and 10 business signed up for free Green Deal assessments, and these were followed up with a series of free advice clinics. Of this group, 15 homes and 5 businesses received free installation of a range of typical Green Deal energy-saving measures including condensing boilers, thermostatic radiator valves, solid wall insulation, solar-thermal and solar-voltaic panels. In return, each agreed to open their property for access by the general public as part of a local Fun Day event, and for wider publicity to encourage people to install energy-saving measures with Green Deal financing as a possible route. BioRegional and USEA established a panel of local and
regional assessors and contractors to deliver the work and managed it through to completion.

Participants in the scheme reported high levels of satisfaction with the assessment and installation process. The project delivered an effective continuation of the Council’s town-wide Eco Bicester sustainability programme. A monitoring project led by Oxford Brookes University is ongoing, and will examine the pattern of energy use over the twelve month period after installation. In addition to the energy and thermal comfort improvements to the homes and buildings, the project also provided valuable information on the advantages and limitations of the Green Deal scheme in general, which BioRegional reported on in its 2013 policy paper ‘Retrofitting the Green Deal’ published in conjunction with the Association for the Conservation of Energy.

Project funders

  • Department of Energy Climate Change
  • Cherwell District Council

Project partners

  • Cherwell District Council
  • Bioregional
  • United Sustainable Energy Agency (now NEF)
  • Grassroots Bicester
  • Oxford Brookes University

Project timescales

6 month work programme

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