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The Eco Bicester Living Lab (EBLL) is an initiative for sharing the learning and innovation from the UK’s first eco town.

The North West Bicester Eco-town, a 6,000 home extension to an Oxfordshire market town, is now under construction, aiming for the very highest sustainability standards. At the same time, a 20-year Eco Bicester programme aims to ensure that this major development brings environmental, social and economic benefits to all of the residents this fast-growing market town in Oxfordshire. It does this through a range of construction, retrofit and resident engagement projects and programmes within the town.

There is a tremendous opportunity here to trial different solutions, to develop and test innovations, to learn interactively then share the learning and tell the story.  

The Eco Bicester Living lab captures the learning and innovation already happening in Bicester. Further innovation and R&D projects will be developed and evaluated at different scales, focusing on sustainability in all its dimensions, including cultural and socio-economic issues, in order to transition to a sustainable society.

Lessons learned are fed back locally to benefit Bicester and shared with expert communities in the construction, retrofit, energy in buildings and sustainability sectors.

The Eco Bicester Living Lab offers independent review, leading expertise and academic integrity for:

  • Producing policy-relevant, practice-oriented and academically rigorous research
  • Capturing the learning for continuous feedback and improvement
  • Using Bicester’s growth and high sustainability ambitions as a test bed for innovation

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Design for Future Climate NW Bicester Ecotown

Design for Future Climate

Invest in Innovative Refurbishment

Invest in Innovative Refurbishment

Building Performance Evaluation

Building Performance Evaluation


Rethinking the Built Process

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Local Energy Assessment Fund

Local Energy Assessment Fund

Bicester Moves

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LEMUR (Local energy mapping for urban retrofit)