Two new case study pages now live

Two new case studies have been added to the Eco Bicester Living Lab.

An Innovate UK funded project that looks to develop a solution to the significant challenges of tackling urban retrofit in the UK. Notably, how to conduct large scale retrofitting of carbon reduction measures in homes.

The project will look to integrate two existing models (Oxford Brookes University’s DECoRum Model and  Bioregional’s Community Energy Manager (CEM), into an innovative new service entitled LEMUR. When combined, the two models will integrate energy and built environment data with social and community-collected personalised data- to provide an energy efficiency masterplanning service for targeted retrofit programmes. The new service will be tested through a small pilot in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

An innovate WRAP funded project that looks to facilitate re-use in Bicester. It is the first re-use project that focused specifically on home moving by aiming to get households goods moving through a circular rather than a linear path of use, bringing resource efficiency, social and economic benefits to the locals of Bicester.